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Terms of domain buying

Terms of domain buying

This document details the terms of buying domains on Dropped.pl.

Payment for domains in auctions

Placing a bid on and auction means making a legaly binding offer of buying the domain for specified price. Website owner may demand paying a security deposit before bidding. In case of not paying for the domain, the deposit is being forfeited.

Payment for domain in Escrow transaction

Accepting an Escrow transaction by the buyer or making a purchase offer on the marketplace indicated approval for payment of full amount for the domain in specified time. Payment must be made in the required number of days from transaction acceptance.

Payment deadlines

Payments for purchased domains must be made within the following timeframes:

  • Drop-caught and "Last minute" domains: 72 hours.

  • Other domains purchased on the marketplace: 120 hours.

  • Domains purchased in Escrow transactions: as agreed with the seller.

The user is informed every time about a pending payment via an e-mail message. Faling to pay for the domain within specified timeframe will lead to charging a penalty fee according to the current price list. Domains that are notpaid on time will not be registered for the user.

Transfer of rights

Accepting an Escrow transaction, placing an offer in an auction or on the marketplace, or using the "Buy it now" option indicates consent of having the domain rights transferred to the user.

Security deposits

The possibility of ordering a domain catch bidding in domain auctions may be dependent on paying an advance deposit, or on having a balance above particular amount. In case of not paying for the domain, that security deposit may be used by the website owner for covering user's debts. Required security deposit amount, as well as required user account balance is set individually, based on the history of operations on user account.

Auction relisting and cancellation

Website owner reserves the right to cancel a domain auction or domain catch order if any legal, technical or organizational circumstances prevent the domain catch or registration.

An auction may be canceled and relisted in case of a system error or other circumstances preventing the normal cause of the auction. Users bidding in the canceled auction will be informed about its relisting via email. If the winner of canceled auction has paid for the domain, the registration fee will be returned to their account and the domain removed from it.

Auction end time

The auction end time may be extended by 5 minutes if an offer is made within the last 5 minutes of the auction, to allow other bidders to modify their offers.