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Domain dropcatching

Domain dropcatching service

Domain dropcatching service is an absolutely novelty on the Polish market. If you have found an interesting domain, which was not renewed by the owner and is about to be freed, you may order its dropcatching. That means that, when our system detects that the domain has been freed, it will be automatically registered for you. This way you, have a unique chance to "catch" the domain before others even realize it has been released!

Our system regularly checks all domains which are about to be catched. As soon as it is detected that domain has been freed, it is registered and awaits for payment. After the payment, it is transferred to the person who ordered its dropcatching. Then it is possible to obtain the AuthInfo code allowing to transfer the domain to a different registrar, or to point it to different name servers.

Dropcatching process description

After ordering the domain dropcatching, within about two hours it is added to the queue of monitored domains. From that time, the domain is regularly checked and if it is detected that it was released, it is then registered. What happens next, depends on how many people ordered dropcatching of this domain:

If only one user was interested in the domain, this person is informed via email and SMS about domain registration, and has 72 hours for payment. If payment is received within this time, the domain is transferred to the person who ordered it.

If more than one user was interested in the domain, it goeas to a private auction. On this auction, it is bid by all people who earlier ordered to catch it; no-one else has access to this private auction. One bid is automatically inserted in the auction, for the person who ordered the domain catch first. The aucton is held for 2 days; the winner must pay the final price in 72 hours.

If the domain is not paid within 72 hours, the domain goes to a public auction which is available for all users. The winner of this auction has also 72 hours for payment.

All auctions (both private and public) are secured from so called "sniping". If during the last 5 minutes of auction an offer is placed, the auction will be automatically extended for another 5 minutes.

To avoid problems with paying for catched domains, it is possible to fund the account earlier. The prepaid amount will be used for registration of catched domains until it runs out.

Current prices for domain dropcatching are displayed in the price list.